Rookie Marketing Mistakes made by Entrepreneurs

Mistakes are great – if we’re learning from them right?  That’s key – learning from our mistakes is the catalyst for growth.  It’s what separates rookies from serial entrepreneurs.

Marketing for entrepreneurs is a passion of ours – helping business realize their potential by helping them develop a communications road map for their business is what excites us – watching that said client roll it out and succeeding is I’m sure – better than winning the lottery!  When a business fails there are only three areas one looks to – financial management, operational flow and marketing strategy.   It’s no good looking to the finances and operational flow of the business but ignoring or avoiding the marketing aspects of your business – that’s just a disaster waiting to happen.  Stopping or avoiding marketing has been likened to a business man winking in the dark at his wife – he knows what he’s doing but his poor wife or partner is none the wiser!  Lost energy and lost intent!  I do also just want to also share a sentiment the same boss taught me – feeling that you’re doing the wrong thing in marketing your business and doing it anyway because you don’t know how to correct it is a missed opportunity to grow and shine…In his book – there were never any problems – only opportunities to grow and shine!  So with this in mind – let’s look at a few rookie marketing mistakes we’ve come across in our time in entrepreneurville:-

  • Entrepreneurs developing a brand for themselves – instead of their customer
  • Not having a set brand voice, tone, language and style for your brand.
  • Not knowing who your target audience is
  • Not knowing what your target audience needs and wants from your brand or business.
  • Not truly knowing and understanding your bulls eye target audience’s  lifestyle and life-stage and tailor making your communications to the key touch-points of their traditions, habits and rituals.
  • Not knowing what mediums are consumed and used by your bulls eye target audience.  
  • Not having a location marketing strategy – 5-10 km radius in and around your business pin point.
  • Not having a retail / sales strategy designed to bring cash into your business on a regular basis.
  • Not measuring return on investment properly.  
  • Not reviewing and regrouping on a campaign in order to learn from mistakes and takeouts.
  • Not willing to try something new – risk adverse means growth adverse.  
  • Spamming with – especially on social media and inboxes.  
  • No call to action – what do you want your customer to do next?
  • Entrepreneurs try do wear too many hats – trying to do it all themselves and they end up being jack of all trades and master of none – this is reflected in the growth of their business and their sales figures at the end of the year.  

It’s easy to sit in a stone house and throw stones – but then again – I’m not in a stone house – I’m in the same glass house that my clients own – I own two of my own businesses – and yes – it’s hard to market your own business, but there in lies the secret – don’t do it by yourself – get help… #Wordonthestreet is that marketing your own business is not for sissies…I concur…get help.  Contact Robyn Lambrick at Word on the Street Media 064 135 9719 – Marketing support for Entrepreneurs.