Entrepreneurs & Coaches

We know from experience how challenging the life of an entrepreneur can be.

It can be all encompassing, lonely and seemingly without support, direction, and a team to bounce ideas off. 

We are here to tell you – you do not need to do it alone.  We are your team. 

So, instead of wallowing in self- doubt, pity, and apathy – lean on us.  Don’t wait for perfection – perfection is the enemy of greatness and you were born for such greatness.

We help translate your dream into a marketing and communication plan that is mindful of you, your audience, and the world at large.  We support you in realizing your vision and mission.

Our coaching, consulting and retainer services will illuminate your gift, your brand and your offer to the world.

How can we help you?

  • Researching and bullet proofing your idea
  • Audience research
  • Strategic Marketing and Communications Strategy and Plan that consider all media channels – not just digital and social media.
  • Brand Identity
  • Social Media Strategy and Plans as well as implementation
  • Content Marketing strategy and Plans
  • Coaching and education for you and your team – both online and face2face.
  • Project work flow and prioritization
  • Event planning, marketing, and organizing
  • Website development
  • Photography and videography
  • Specialized copywriting
  • Creative design and implementation