Social Media Management and Marketing

Social media management forms the very core of Word on the Street Media Marketing.  It is what keeps our client’s businesses growing and their brands illuminated in their markets.  In an ever-changing and globalized world, we understand the importance of making a heart connection with people across all media platforms – but specifically social media.  We use our initiative, our creative talents and our marketing and brand building experience and knowledge in showcasing your brand in the most practical and inspiring way possible. 

Social media is not something you can ignore – with our accessible and affordable social media packages you don’t need to – you can schedule an meetup with us to discuss illuminating your business on social media:

Candlelight Package

Creating an ambiance and a great vibe on your social media platforms while ensuring engagement and illumination of your product or service.

Social media posts 3 days a week – on 3 social media platforms

Aurora Lights Package

This package named after the otherworldly aurora borealis or northern lights is a package specifically designed for our holistic clients.

This package is designed to create a colourful, dancing lightshow of your beautiful personal brand.  It creates celestial front row seats for your audiences to learn, listen, engage, and study your teachings and lessons. 

Social media for 5 days a week – across 6 media platforms, includes video and coaching services.  Includes Google My Business

Firelight Package

Inspirational, educational, and educational posts shared on your social media platforms ensuring organic growth, crackling engagement, and following from your pages as well as spreading your posts organically through the platforms. 

Social media posts 5 days a week on 5 media platforms

Total Illumination Package

This package is the top package for you and your brand – it includes social media packages that embrace all aspects of marketing your brand online.

Social media across all platforms for 7 days a week.

Video paid for advertising across at least two platforms every month.  Business listings; Photography, Google Adwords and at least two marketing meetings per month.

Sunlight Package

Just like the sun –is immensely powerful and is designed to spread light and warmth to whatever it touches.  This package is designed to inspire engagement, education, motivation, and action.  This package includes paid for advertising across one platform once a month.

Social media for 6 days a week on 6 media platforms includes videos.