The financial benefit of Walking in your Truth

Do you find yourself questioning why life treats you ‘badly’?  Why every relationship, barring a precious few don’t yield what you’re searching for?  Are you left wondering why your business is not taking off at the speed you’d like it to or why – no matter what – whatever you do, wherever you go, no matter how you show up – you never seem to be happy, grateful or impressed with your own outcomes?  

It’s not because you’re not engaging with people when you’re out and about – you do!  It’s not because you don’t show up – you do!  It’s not because you’re not a nice person – you are…People engage – but only very superficially.  Complements are given – encouragement shared….and yet – you are still all alone every day facing your empty diary, empty wallet or empty inbox… “But I received great feedback at my last talk, Robyn.”  OR “But I had so many people show an interest in attending my workshop at the meet-up – and then no-one booked!  Or like me – everyone loved a coffee date – to pick my brain and to chat to me – I’m a great listener and a super problem solver… But that’s where it ended…

People engaged – loads – superficially – saying all the right things at the right time – but there were no commitments – no action – no substance and definitely money exchanged.    

 You’re thinking – I’m talking about you?  You’re thinking – how dare I feature you in this blog – you’re thinking – how does she know…you’re thinking – yes sometimes… you’re thinking – I bet you she’s talking about herself… We’ll you’ll be right on all accounts.  Come on – be honest – how many times have you felt this way… how many times have you felt you’re pushing your business concept up a steep and treacherous uphill with little or no comfort breaks along the way?

Here’s the thing I would like to share as an entrepreneur myself – and as someone who’s been on this journey – and who’s still walking a path of learning and evolving within myself and  my business…. If you are walking a path in your business and ultimately life where you’re showing up as one person and selling one concept and back at the ranch you’re the perfect antithesis – you’re in for a rough ride of serious disappointments, unhappiness and financial difficulties.  The thing is people buy-into people – they buy honesty – authenticity!  You’ve got to be honest – and if you’re still learning – then be honest about that … and if you’re going through a hard time – be honest  about that… it’s better to be the honest – more relatable or human brand than the stuck up your own self-importance brand – those are the guys who implode when the proverbial hits the fan… So what am I saying – you can’t be selling love and light concepts and be known to be the master manipulator of your community.  You can’t be selling community when the very thing you enjoy is your own company and your own vibes.  You can’t be selling business coaching when your business is on the brink of liquidation… you can’t say that you care – when it’s been seen time and time again that you don’t really care… you can’t be selling financial support or advice when you’ve working three jobs just to keep your head above water.  Or…you can…as long as you take me along through the thick and the thin – sharing the good the bad and the ugly as you go…there are a few people who do this really well.  Brene Brown for example – she’s incredibly honest and vulnerable – she is her brand at all times – well from where I’m sitting at least.  I’m not telling you to bring out the leopard skin thong and the mass orgies – if that’s what blows your hair back in private – no by no means – keep that stuff under serious lock and key – unless it serves your brand – and in that case – go wild (excuse the pun).   

If you’re struggling to show up authentically – for various reasons – get help – find that life coach, seek out the assistance that is going to serve you in walking towards a path of self-realization and actualization.  The healer needs healing, the coach needs coaching, the marketer needs marketing – get the help you need in order to be the best you can be.  If you had said this to me 15 years ago – I would have said – ag no man – just fake it till you make it…but that’s the real long and hard way of doing things…and it doesn’t serve you and all who are mean to receive your gift or message. 

It is a scientific truth that everything is energy… and that there is something called a 6th sense.  So don’t you think clients can sense when there’s a problem in your Houston?  Most definitely – I have learnt that if I dare not show up when I’m feeling remotely off – my clients sense it and it is translated into a story that they then share about me or my work.  Have you heard of the theory that an angry chef cooks angry food – it’s true!  An angry chef cooks angry food – a creative person dreams up ideas that are born into resistance when the create when they’re angry – that work is then purchased by people who are affected by the same negative energy it was born with.   It takes a very special and strong person not to give off negative vibes when they’re feeling negative and bummed with life.

So what am I trying to say here – what’s my reason for this blog?  Once you step into truth and live an authentic life – aligning with that which you have to share / teach / sell / give / do and who you really are – only then will your finances and life fall into place.  Only then will the universe know who’s who in the zoo and only then will your clients know who they’re really dealing with – until then it’s just going to be really rocky, really difficult and very uncomfortable.  No amount of marketing, advertising and PR will bring you too much success because you will be a business card and a banner with an unsure handshake and an iffy story to share.  The financial benefit of walking in your truth and showing up authentically – as the real you is spectacular.  It’s liberating and leaves everyone informed and empowered to, at the very least make an honest purchasing decision…or at best commit to a long lasting relationship.   

Robyn Lambrick – Marketing Specialist working with entrepreneurs to grow their brand through authentic marketing and communications.  Contact Robyn for a coffee to discuss your marketing requirements – Robyn Lambrick – Word on the Street Media – 064 135 9719 or