Market your brand by telling your story

I met with a client this week and asked her very important question…

What is your story?

She initially said she didn’t have one.  She is health and wellness professional offering her clients support in the weightloss arena.  No she is not a multilevel business.  She sells physical and mental support in loosing between 15-50kgs.  

Excellent – I could be your market…But what is your story?

Really!!!Whydo you need to know that?  Because I’m interested – and I’m your potential customer.  Because I need to know where you’ve come from in order to decide where you can take me.  Because it adds to your credibility.  Because we are spoilt for choice in the world that we live in and telling your very personal story differentiates you from your competition.  Because you matter as much as I matter in the transaction.  

Sometimes people only have your story to help them make a final call on their purchasing decision. 

Humans connect to people and to brands emotionally.  Telling your story is another way to make an emotional connection and to start your ‘fan’ base…tribe or community. 

You must know have mastered the concepts of:  Who is my target audience?  What is my niece? And – last but not least… What problem do I solve in this world?

Having a story makes it easier to move into the value and quality that you bring to the transaction.  It makes it easy for you to share your story across your digital platforms.  It also gives you a spring board for a brand look and feel and tone/voice.  Your story sets up your brand concept nicely and piecing it all up together in one ‘Golden Thread’ throughout your brand ensures you are on strategy and synergistic in your approach to your marketing.

My client selling her healthy lifestyle solution had never been fat.  She doesn’t know what it feels like to have extra rolls on her body, but what she does know is what it’s like to be unhealthy and to deeply struggle with digestive issues.  She has had close members of her family struggle with their weight – the effects of this struggle has deeply and forever affected her outlook on food and it’s use for fuel rather than for comfort and padding.  

This is her unique story…. if she had to tell it and then tailor make her ‘brand’s autobiography’ all about that very heart wrenching point – she’d have a winning strategy right there.

Don’t be scared to be brutally honest about your story.  It’s what’s made you who you are today and it’s your gift to the world.  It’s your story.  Your brand advert is already written for you.  All you have to do is share it with the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Tell your story Entrepreneur.  Market your brand by telling your story!