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vector black images people walking into the frameWord-on-the-Street Media is a privately owned marketing, advertising and PR agency based in the suburbs of Edgemead, Cape Town.  We've got street cred -because we're in the neighbourhood on the street so to speak!

Founded in 2012, we bravely entered an already saturated market of boutique service agencies in Cape Town - with the dream of doing things differently. Different how you ask?  Well - here we don't work in ego - we don't need fancy premises - in fact - who does and why? We don't waste time throwing our toys out of the cot every five minutes; we don't chase titles; we don't need fancy furniture and decor to do great creative work and no - we aren't that interested in industry awards...At Word on the Street Media our big 'award' is when our client's business grows, when their turnover increases, when they are able to open a second store, host their second event or increase their following and engagement due to our clever thinking, smart actions and key negotiation skills.single man

So, whether you need a marketing strategy, a promotional plan, a creative concept or you want to launch a new brand into the market - we're your team - we'll work with you to making your dream and business goals a reality.  At Word on the Street Media we don't believe in brand-washing or brainwashing for that matter!  We believe in heart centred communication - communication that touches people's hearts, minds and souls and results in a desired action.  We are strong in the belief that it takes a community to build a business - and we believe that we can help you build that community!  Here at Word on the Street Media we believe in the power of 'The Community' the 'Tribe' or 'The People'.  We really are just 'the girl next door' - and while that is seen by 'small town' syndrome by some - should be celebrated as 'connected'.  

As an entrepreneur knows - it's not what you know - it's who you know that makes a huge difference to the success of one's business.  So, while we are willing to experiment with roles and responsibilities outside of our own titles and comfort zones we have also had the foresight to surround ourselves with a community of like-minded individuals and supporters and doers who completely subscribe to the ethos of tapping into the matrix and greater network in order to make a job happen, on time, on strategy and in the right media, for the bulls-eye targeted audience.  Our working model is democratic and fluid and thus enables a constant acquisition of new skills and new talents. 

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What we believe: We are here to fan the flames of change, inspiration and inertia and to question the status quo - amoungst our clients, our community and our associates. We believe in asking questions.  Listening deeply for all the answers.  We walk the floor.  Meet the people.  Test the product.  Check out the competition.  Listen for the rumblings.  And repeat as often as and when necessary.  In short - we immerse ourselves fully in whatever we tackleOur motto - WALK A MILE IN YOUR CUSTOMER'S SHOES!  And we do!

Meet Robyn Lambrick - A passionate Community Builder and coffee snob - because life's too short for bad coffee!  Robyn has a CV with its roots in strategic retail marketing, advertising and PR.  She's a can-do-kinda-gal - and a go-getter.  A creative by heart, a suit by experience and an entrepreneur by passion.  An idea's factory and a passionate problem solver - Robyn loves making a difference in communities through growing entrepreneurs.  Her philosophy is - it takes a community to build a business. 




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