Basic Marketing Strategy for 2017

We're offering entrepreneurs and start ups - a basic marketing strategy for 2017.  50km sign

1st Gear Marketing Strategy  

Target audience

 Location Strategy

Brand Positioning

How to reach your audience

R2,000 - once off payment

This strategy is desgined to give you the confidence to know how and where to communicate your brand and offering.  It will give you key pointers on how to leverage  your local community with a robus community strategy based on your businesses Google Maps pin point.  We will develop a brand positioning statement for your business offering and leave you with a clear direction on how to reach your target audience.  

This is our offering for those who've been struggling to get out of the starting blocks - the folk who've been revving their business engins but going no-where slowly.  Contact Robyn Lambrick - for your 1st Gear Marketing Strategy now.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  064 135 9719

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Rookie Marketing Mistakes made by Entrepreneurs

business men and womenMistakes are great - if we're learning from them right?  That's key - learning from our mistakes is the catalyst for growth.  It's what separates rookies from serial entrepreneurs.

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Marketing 101 for Entrepreneurs

I had the pleasure of speaking at Xtraordinary Women Network Coastal Chapter in Blouberg.  I am blessed to be the Chapter Leader for this amazing business networking platorm.  My topic - was Marketing 101 for Entrepreneurs – and it's a subject close to my heart. 

Word on the street Marketing for Entrepreneurs 101 Talk for xw

It really upsets me when I hear of Entrepreneurs who give up on their businesses and go back to corporate – or who talk about their businesses as being "a small business we run part time".  Really – your business is what you make of it – and if you’re not making more of it – because you think you haven’t got the money to do so then that’s a crying shame!  You can do lots without having even had to pay over a cent - here's just a few points covered in the talk.  

  1. List your business on at least 10 free business listing sites in your local area – yes that including Gumtree.
  2. Ensure that you have a website or at the very least a landing page.
  3. Have a business card – that tells us what you do – not what you are!
  4. Have an electronic email signature that is live linked back to your website, your social media pages and even to your latest blog on your page. And if you have a special promotion on in your business - include a mini advert in your email signature. 
  5. Have a networking kit – with product samples and tasters if you are in that market.  (Banner, business card, display a table marketing collateral and brochure - at the very least!)
  6. Have a crafted elevator pitch that doesn’t tell us who you are and what you are, but tells us what you can do for us and is fine tuned for each different networking event and target audience. 
  7. Have social media accounts according to where your target audience is - fish where the fish are swimming.
  8. Have your profiles and bios crafted to the strategically correct marketing message for you for that particular audience and platform - and feature a relevant and uptodate profile photograph.
  9. Have outdoor marketing elements:  This could include a sign on your home wall, or balcony, directional signs if you’re expecting your clients to over-think your exact location
  10. Give back – with free workshops, talks, seminars, content rich blogs, content rich newsletters - this is about serving your customer.  It's not really about you. Finally - remember to list your events on free event listing sites.   I always say - the height of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome - so try new things - don't be scared to be different, to stand out.  Be a purple cow in a room full of brown cows.  (Seth Goddin)robyn

Left to right:  Michelle Vooght -; Nicole Hennion -Love & Light Supper Club and

Robyn Lambrick

Photo credit Sarka Svoboda

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Is the political and economic stress affecting you and your business?

stressed womanLet's face it - it's the politics today, criminal activity in our neighbourhood tomorrow, a natural weather disaster the following week, the increased petrol price next month... there's always going to be something that's going to make people anxious and hesitant to invest or do business right then at that red hot minute. 

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