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We're boosting our talent to service expansion into new markets and new functions.  

We'd like to take this opportunity to announce the addition of a new employee, Daniel Mitchell as a Junior Account Executive to our team.  We're proud of our expanding services and continually growing client portfolio and that makes us all the more chuffed to have an extra set of hands on board!  

Not just any hands mind you - we were on the hunt for a down to earth and grounded individual who would fit into our culture and vibe - and Daniel Mitchell fits the ticket 100%  

Daniel spent a year or so with in a social media and operational work flow position with a very busy plumbing group organising their work flow, office management and team development.  He went on to then run the team's social media account and ultimately was the go to guy in making the business work like clock work!  Just what we wanted for our new structure - so yes, happy to say that Daniel is really cut out for this position!

Just a little bit about Daniel Mitchell - the person and the man behind the email addy:

Daniel is currently studying part time to become a Pastor.  It is his greatest dream to have his own church one day - and I believe he will accomplish this amazing dream.  Daniel is a leader at his local church and a singer in the worship team.  Daniel's dream is have a church that is a part of the community it supports in ways that intergrate seamlessly into the community - providing work, resources and vehicles for the community to grow, learn and live a happy and balanced life.

In the short while Daniel's been with us, we've found him to be hard working, honest, reliable and driven.  He get's the job done and if he's unsure of his next steps - he checks in - otherwise he's happy to get on and just get the job done!  

Daniel is currently working on a research project for us - a bit of info we require to complete a marketing strategy.  He is also assisting us with all our social media clients - ensuring that their strategic posts are posted on time, and on the right platform using the correct tone, style, visuals and branding.  Go Daniel!!!

What's great about Daniel is that he comes with his own very large network that has already started making a difference in our lives.  Remember it's not what you know - it's who you know! 

In closing - we're just so amped to have Daniel - truth be told - it's literally quite a relief to have another person in the office!  Truly don't know how we coped without him quite frankly!  

Here's to having you on board Daniel Mitchell - and wishing you all the best of your dreams come true.  

Word on the Street Media is a collective community that specialises in PR, marketing, advertising and communications.  We write marketing strategies for entrepreneurs and business owners and manage strategic campaigns in both trationational and new media, offering specialised services such as competitive reviews and brand audits, media buying, web development projects and creative development - all with a view to increasing brand awareness, improving market share, sales and consumer engagement.

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