I have been working with Robyn on my marketing strategy since January and she has been amazing. The insights and new ideas have been great and already creating a whole new look and feel for my business. Thank you, Robyn, for inspiring and motivating me to step up and just go for it.

Debi Rudden


Robyn assisted us with a marketing and social media strategy and guided us through significant changes over the past two years. Her passion for retail, although not a specialist in the wine industry, assisted us tremendously to view things from a different perspective. She listened and learnt intensively about our wine business and shared her years of retail experience with our teams. Her brilliant insights and ideas solved many of the problems we had. We have seen significant growth as a wine estate in sales and brand awareness in all levels of the business - from visitors to cellar door, social media activity on our pages as well as the retail sector. Michelle Elford

National Marketing & Sales Manager

Bon Courage Wine Estate

Robyn Lambrick, from Word on The Street Media, has a true passion for helping her clients succeed in their business. She actively listens, provide great views and insights, that is doable for you as an individual and linked creatively to your business. I have honestly been amazed at some of the ideas and insights she has given me, and they have worked. Thank you, Robyn, for always being there and treating me and my business as your own.

Daniel Coetzee

Evolve Harmoniously

Robyn Lambrick, owner of Word on The Street Media, understands the power of collaboration. Therefore, she is always able to meet her customers' needs with efficiency.

Catherine Milward-Bridges

Airquotes Project

I started the Marriage Box 10 months ago. Word on the Street provide more than a business service. They invested in me, my brand, and my sanity. Just a phone calls away the team offered guidance, motivation, and strategy. Every entrepreneur needs a partner like Word on the Street.

Vanessa Bowels

The Marriage Box

Robyn Lambrick has been doing our marketing on social media now for a while and we could not be happier. She is excellent. We give her our lines we are marketing for the month and she does the rest. We have not had this kind of activity to our social media platforms and furthermore we're getting so much engagement on our products we're marketing. Well worth the money spent. Can highly recommend Robyn and her team. Thank you, Word on the Street Media, and Robyn Lambrick.

Albrie van Straaten


Robyn is possibly the most dynamic project manager I have ever worked with. Her boundless enthusiasm and energy ensure that every job is perfectly executed. Robyn takes on every task as her own personal mission and her professionalism and inherent sense of accountability is a true asset to any project.

Sandra Hendriques

Client Service Director – BBDO140

Robyn Lambrick, although my wife does all my marketing and advertising for Beta Bathrooms. She started working with me on my company the beginning of this year and has nearly doubled my turnover in the short time she's taken over the marketing and promotions.

Robyn's like a dog with a bone -she doesn't give up - and will find a way of making something happen. That can be a challenge some times for us - especially since she's my wife at home, but I love it - I love the fact that she's out there fighting for the small guys like us who own small businesses and are not to have my own marketing arm on the business - it leaves me to go and get the job done properly.

Hope you go from strength to strength Robyn - you deserve it after all the hard work you've put into this thing!
franchised yet. Its awesome

Stephen Lambrick

Linda Jacobs Promotions

She is extremely passionate about wanting her clients to be successful. I highly recommend Robyn and her team for any Entrepreneur who would like to see their business grow from strength to strength.

Saadika Deshmook

Xquisite Gifts

Robyn is one in a million. She not only takes your social media marketing to new heights, but mentors, encourages, challenges, and helps you to grow. Straight forward, what you see is what you get! Thanks, you for an amazing growing experience! Highly recommend

Sandy Vicente


Robyn Lambrick, owner of Word On The Street Media, truly goes the extra mile for her clients. She listens and transforms my dream into a doable plan. She spends hours and hours to help me make my dream come true. And above all this, for me as a start-up with an extremely limited budget her service is still affordable. Thank you, Robyn, and your great team. 

Claudia Konicke

Cloud Rosa

Robyn did a brand review for Xtraordinary Women and my Personal Brand. I was totally blown away by her thorough presentation. She understands the life of an Entrepreneur and managed to capture the essence of our Brand. She exceeded my expectations with a detailed marketing strategy that is sure to position Xtraordinary Women in a league of its own!

I highly recommend Robyn for any Entrepreneur that wants to take their business to the next level!

Gwen Serrotti

Xtraordinary Women

I had the pleasure of working with Robyn Lambrick and Word on the Street Media when she wrote a marketing strategy for my then start up business - La Paix - a natural health and beauty brand. It is through Robyn's marketing strategy that we were are currently living our dream of producing and distributing our very own natural beauty range for the women in South Africa. Robyn's insight, retail, and marketing nous and her intuitive sense of the client's requirements is enviable and has helped me in building a range of products that are already in top salons and pharmacies in and around South Africa. I can highly recommend Robyn and her team - she goes the extra mile for all her clients - working hard to ensure their success.

Yda van der Merwe


Robyn is exceptionally good at managing and coordinating, she is versatile and committed. She makes things happen in a variety of fields.

John Letherbarrow

Creative Designer – BBDO140

I dealt with Robyn Lambrick in her capacity as General Manager of Operations of BBDO Cape Town. Robyn was my client and I serviced the agency, based on her clear and concise briefs for about 2 years. During this time we had an excellent report based on honesty, fairness and a transparency that was decidedly refreshing especially for the industry. Robyn lead a small team of production assistants who she empowered to do business with all the suppliers, mentoring them – where necessary and letting them lead their own projects as they gained confidence. Linda Jacobs Promotions where always treated with respect by Robyn and the team she headed up – I would highly recommend being a service provider for Robyn Lambrick or any team she heads up as she fosters healthy relationships with her staff, suppliers and colleagues – and I’m sure, her new venture at Word-on-the-Street Media will be a huge success as she always delivers on her promises and her deadlines.
I wish Word-on-the-Street Media and Robyn Lambrick all the best in their future ventures and can highly recommend working with her on any project.

Linda Jacobs

Linda Jacobs Promotions