Market your brand by telling your story

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I met with a client this week and asked her very important question...

What is your story?

She initially said she didn't have one.  She is health and wellness professional offering her clients support in the weightloss arena.  No she is not a multilevel business.  She sells physical and mental support in loosing between 15-50kgs.  

Excellent - I could be your market...

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How to handle the marketing on your price increase


Nobody really wants to face putting their prices up when you're knee deep in a troubled economy or they haven't had  good sales year themselves.  

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Say NO to Hard Sell and YES to Adding Value.

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Today I walked past a sales woman shouting like a banshee in a shopping centre in the suburbs.

Everyone walking past her gave her a wide berth.  

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Harvest time

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So on Friday I spent the day with my client Bon Courage Wine Estate and watched how the whole family got their hands dirty harvesting their 2017 seasonal crop. 

It got me thinking about the words 'harvest time' and what it means to us as entrepreneurs.  

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Basic Marketing Strategy for 2017

We're offering entrepreneurs and start ups - a basic marketing strategy for 2017.  50km sign

1st Gear Marketing Strategy  

Target audience

 Location Strategy

Brand Positioning

How to reach your audience

R2,000 - once off payment

This strategy is desgined to give you the confidence to know how and where to communicate your brand and offering.  It will give you key pointers on how to leverage  your local community with a robus community strategy based on your businesses Google Maps pin point.  We will develop a brand positioning statement for your business offering and leave you with a clear direction on how to reach your target audience.  

This is our offering for those who've been struggling to get out of the starting blocks - the folk who've been revving their business engins but going no-where slowly.  Contact Robyn Lambrick - for your 1st Gear Marketing Strategy now.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  064 135 9719

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