About Us


Why the name – Word on the Street Media Marketing? Because people are sentient beings who live for two things – experiences and community. If they have a great experience – they will talk about it in their community.

The great Masters of the world grew their discipleship through word on the street media. They offered their audiences an experience and their audience in turn shared the testimonies of their experiences far and wide.

Word-on-the-Street Media Marketing is a privately owned mindful marketing communications, consulting, and training agency in the burbs. We believe in keeping it real and working with the real heroes in our communities – our natural, organic, complementary health and wellness, conscious, mindful, and human capital specialist entrepreneurs, SMMEs and personal brands. We also serve and support small to medium sized retailers and wine estates.

Founded in 2012, we bravely entered an already saturated market of boutique service agencies in Cape Town – with the dream of establishing a marketing agency for the entrepreneur on the street.

Our words are conscious, courageous, coaching, collaborative, creative, connected, curious and custodianship. Words are important to us – they have the power to become tenants of greatness.
Our agency is built on the ethos of accessibility, authenticity, transparency, friendliness, agility, and collaboration.

You will not find any fancy titles, cars, furniture, and premises here. What you will find is a burning desire to make a positive difference in your business, your life, and your career. You will also have the pleasure of enjoying a great cup of coffee, an excellent glass of wine and another non-negotiable in Robyn’s world – 2 ply toilet paper.

At Word on the Street Media Marketing – our big schtick is YOU – the client.

You, your business, your marketing, your success, growth, and expansion is why we are in business and what our success will be measured on. When you win – we win. When you grow – we grow. When you expand – we expand!

This is not a sales spiel – we don’t just talk the talk – walk a mile in your shoes and get to the very essence of your brand to help you find the hidden gems of connection to your audiences with excellent results that increase the triple bottom line.

We surround ourselves with like minded entrepreneurs and companies who we collaborate with to deliver the absolute best service and value to our customers 24/7.


Robyn has over 30 years’ experience in the advertising and marketing industry leading client service and DTP teams to deliver on marketing and advertising deadlines – never missing a deadline in all her years of working.  22 years were spent working on large retail accounts like Shoprite, Checkers and Aroma Liquor stores. After a 5-year stint as the GM of one of the largest advertising agencies in Cape Town, Robyn decided to put all her years of experience not her passion – entrepreneurship and building communities. 

 The last 9 years Robyn has spent as a creative entrepreneur in the digital marketing and branding industry – helping entrepreneurs, SMME’s, retailers and Wine Estates and personal brands to consciously inspire, connect and engage with their audiences.  She has trained corporate teams and individuals to market their businesses, she has successfully hosted monthly networking events, building, supporting, and growing the community.  Robyn’s value and ethics are clearly seen in all her business dealings.  She likes to keep her agency lean and agile – in-line with the new age way of a simplified way of doing business. 

An avid speaker and networker – Robyn loves coffee, speaking to large audiences, engaging with people and marketing – not necessarily in that order.  We her ‘can-do-attitude’ and her ‘never-say-die’ commitment to a project or deadline – she is the kind of person you will want on your side when growing your business and supporting you. 

A creative by heart, a suit by experience and an entrepreneur by passion.  An idea’s factory and a passionate problem solver – Robyn loves making a difference in communities through growing entrepreneurs and SMME’s.